Monday, 6 February 2012


I got my eyes on you
Yes I'm gonna spy on you
No I don't need a shoulder to cry on you
I have no reason to lie to you
There ain't no good that Imma find in you
Oh no I wont fuss and fight with you
All I want is to get high with you
Maybe roll up a million dollars
And smoke em up beside you
Lets make memories, I say
Hold my hand and I guide you
I'm talking gibberish yo
But I know what I'm upto
Sing along wimmi
There's nothin else that I ask for
Just shut Ur eyes and take that leap with me
Swim a lil more deep wimmi
This ain't a nightmare or a dream
It's truer than you think
We're on the brink of making the biggest mistake of our lives
No it involves no knives no blade no blood
All you gotta do my friend
Is to open your eyes.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Think before you ask.

So where have you been
So what have you been doing
Are you sleepy?
Why're you high?
Why've you gained weight?
Why do u seem thin?
What're u thinking?
Is something bothering you?


 You are.

I Don't know if it's hilarious
Or pathetic
Or just lame
How people ask you questions that are so obvious you want to smack them.

So this one day I'm walking down the school corridor
My nose red  my throat sore
My eyes almost shut
My shoulders slumped
My voice all croaky
My legs move so slow a turtle could beat me
And out of nowhere this  super genius
 who I've sat in class with
With my face Burried in my hands all day and coughing like an old engine appears and says,
"So, you not well?"

..........*deep breath* it's just of those questions.

Not well? Who me? Oh no. I'm just practicing my coughing skills.

Just last week this zabardasti ki aunty came over and like all typical aunties HAVE To comment as the Great big book of the rules of being an aunty teaches them,
She pulls me into a hug that could choke me and says,
Abi pichle mahine tou dekha tha tumhain aj itni Bari Bari kyun lagrai ho?

And I look down at myself wearing jeans I bought a year back and they still fit. And then I look at my aunties twelve year old who's so beefy she could beat my dad at arm wrestling.And then I look at how auntys legs stretch all the  Way to the table before us and mine dangle in mid air.
Aunties... Can't live with them..

I went to the movies last night.
To her surprise (and my disappointment) I ran into an old friend who like my aunty, strangled me with a hug.
I was wondering how to break the awkward silence when she grabbed my hands and yelled,
"What are YOU doing HERE?"

Did she just ask me what I was doing in a movie theatre with popcorn?
Way to start a conversation -.-

After such questions, it's just prayer that escapes my lips.

Dear God,
Feed some sense in the people of today
Teach them when and what to say
Enlighten them with questions that have replies
So i don't have to roll my eyes
And state the obvious to them

Yours faithfully,