Sunday, 8 April 2012


If you had a smidge of shame in you
you wouldn't go around telling em it was me
you wouldn't go on yelling at me
you wouldn't go around selling me
your lies that you wish I'd buy
but hon, I'm innocent; not stupid
and if it wasn't for cupid
I'd have been long gone
but I believed in chances
I thought maybe youd get it right now
but I guess some people are just born to get it wrong
and you know what, I'm glad it didn't go right
cuz if you were gonna take that way
I'd rather take a left
and I'm taking whats left of me
and its more than what I came with
cuz I've got a few lessons and some memories to take with me
they say what goes around comes around
and it will some day
cuz no matter how far you run
and how long you ecsape
she's bound to knock you down
cuz karma's a bigger bitch.