Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Love at 10.

WARNING: Probably the worst love poem you've ever read.

They say its hard to find the perfect match
They say relationships fail too
Many looked at us and and disaproved
Said you wont last more than a year
But through joy and tears we pushed and persevered
And never let go of each others hand
And here we stand
In love so deep
Thats impossible to compare
I wake up to your sight
Always sleep by your side
And it has been this way for ages now
So its not too wrong to say this now
That im addicted to you
And it'll stay this way now
Through drought and through rain
Through happiness and through pain
Through the times i cried
You stood by my side
Became my shadow, my strength, my pride
Like a red brick wall, you stood tall
You protected me
You enclosed me
I can only thank destiny
That i chose you
And you chose me.
In you i found a life long friend
Someone I could shut my eyes and depend on
Someone who'd never pretend.
I could write pages for you, dear
For my love is thicker than the ink in this pen
But sometimes three words do the trick well
I love you, my Nokia thirty three ten.