Saturday, 28 July 2012

Fish in the sea

James blunt said it once
 and I said it next
when I murmured "Oh you're beautiful"
and she hexed, me
with her charm, her elegance, her feminine grace
her almond eyes, with a centre deep hazel
and her perfect lips on that lovely face.
I had read about love at first sight
they'd mentioned violins and a heartbeat too fast
so I waited for the violinist to start playing as I made my way past
speeding cars.
 But instead of violins blared a deafening horn
and missing a truck I fell on my feet
face first on the sidewalk breaking loose my front teeth.
The truck driver swore and sped down the street
and I thought, oh well, they were right about the racing heartbeat.

I brushed the dust off my pants, and
walked as dignified as a bruised man could
took a place on the bench that she sat upon
when an instant later up she stood.
She called out to a taxi, argued over the fare
then decided with a nod and in she climbed
I stole a last glance, not guilty of the crime
and wished myself better luck next time.
Next time came the next day
And the day after that
And every morning of september
I saw her at
The bus stop, sitting there, beautiful
Ignorant of my love
Not knowing that I dreamt of her
Not knowing, that I couldn't get enough.
I let my li'l secret out to three of my friends
One evening while a game of truth or dare
Oh how they laughed and mocked at me
When I said 'We'd make a lovely pair'.
I was rather offended but what they said was true
So that night I slept with a plan I called
"Mission 'Put a name to You-know-who'".
I woke up early that day
Infact, I hardly slept at all
Chose a red tie to go on a white shirt
Practiced my speech to a mirror on the wall.
"My princess," I'd say, and bow with a smile,
"You know me as the stranger beside you everyday,
It would please me if you accept this lovely ring
In return for your even lovelier name."
She was there in her place, dressed smartly in red
I glanced at my own tie, and smiled in glee
Just ten yards of gravel lay between
You-know-who and me.
The traffic light turned red, I took a few steps ahead
And made my way between the maze of cars
My heart light as a feather and legs heavy as lead.
My eyes met her's midstride
And for a moment I froze there
She read my speech on my face
I wondered of she, too, did care.
When a moment latee, the stillness broke
And she blushed pink, smiled ear to ear
She batted her eyelashes, urging me near
And with a flick of her head, threw back her hair.
At that very moment I thought my heart should explode
When in utter horror it jumped into my throat
No, it weren't her eyes that stupefied me
No, it weren't her lips that mesmerised me
What petrified, terrified, mummified me
Was the mass of her hair on the road beside me.
I would've seen the light turn green
If her head, oiled to a mirror-like sheen
Hadn't blinded me with the sun in my eyes
I wouldn't have been run over by a limosine.
But if you ask me, it was a relief
The leg didnt hurt as the heart that broke
For a leg mends in a month or two
But a broken heart is no joke.
Christmas eve, I spent in bed
Nursing my poor, cracked bone
A week more, before I could go back to work
*sigh* I guess that's how life goes on.
Crutches took me across the same bench
I could not bear to lift an eye
But when I dared to do so, I
Caught a glimpse of heaven, I don't lie.
She shyly stole a look at me
I tried to swallow a nervous clot
And I quietly prayed that this time around
Nothing on her face was glued or bought.
Before stepping onto the road that day
I recounted the lessons the past month had taught me
One, cross the road before the light turns green
And two, there's always more fish in the sea!
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